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Nottinghill Capital Management Inc. is a registered investment advisory company providing comprehensive investment management, wealth and financial planning services. Founded in 1996, Nottinghill Capital invests funds in the financial markets for individuals, families, corporations, and retirement plans requiring conservative long-term growth or consistent income.

Our Commitment To You

Nottinghill Capital’s goal is to provide you with the long-term return that meets your investment objectives, capacity for risk and time horizon. Information and collaboration are integral to maintaining a long term relationship with you. Therefore, we keep you informed every step of the way so you understand how your assets are managed. Using a disciplined, conservative approach to investing, we believe that our success is based upon our ability to analyze your unique financial circumstances, determine your capacity for risk, select and manage appropriate investments, and be consistently accessible to you.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our mission is to insure that your assets increase in value without assuming unnecessary risk. Your unique financial requirements govern the methodology used by Nottinghill Capital to manage your assets. Unlike many investment professionals and funds, we do not require you to fit into a pre-determined investment style. Investments in either bonds or equities are carefully tailored to meet your individual objectives, risk, time horizon and financial circumstances.

Protecting Your Funds

As a registered investment advisor, Nottinghill maintains a fiduciary responsibility towards the management of your funds and believes in complete transparency. Accounts are established at a bank or securities firm of your choice. We will recommend a major domestic bank where we have an established relationship if you do not have a preference. All accounts are held in client name and you receive monthly statements and confirmations directly from the bank.

Nottinghill maintains limited discretion over your accounts that is limited to the purchase and sale of securities. We receive copies of your monthly statements and transaction confirmations. We do not receive withdrawals or make deposits of your funds into your accounts. As an independent company registered with New York State, we are not affiliated with any bank or securities firm, nor do we receive any form of compensation from them.

Our Investment Strategy

For an investor requiring-long term growth, Nottinghill Capital uses a conservative approach in the selection of equities. We invest in well known, high quality domestic companies that have consistently paid dividends. We only invest in companies where specific catalysts exist that have shown a propensity to increase the price of a common stock towards the company’s value.

For those investors requiring consistent income and a more conservative approach to growth through the compounding of interest, we invest in a combination of municipal and corporate bonds that correspond to your time horizon and capacity for risk. 

Nottinghill Capital is cognizant of the volatility in today’s securities markets. Unlike many investment professionals and funds, there is no requirement for us to fully invest your capital at all times. When conditions are favorable, we will increase your invested funds. Conversely your invested funds will be reduced when conditions appear unfavorable.

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